About Us

About Me

My life was turned upside down when my marriage fell apart and I became a single mama 6 weeks after my son was born. In an effort to combat my overwhelming sadness, I started playing around with candy recipes for my son's first birthday. I wanted to make beautiful, aesthetic candy, with unique designs that I had never seen done before. My mind was flooding with ideas and it quickly shifted my mind from the sadness that surrounded me to excitement for what I could create for my baby. 

​After a few months of trial and error I had come up with an entire collection of Beautiful, Artisan, Gourmet chocolates. Then I thought to myself, why stop there? I started playing around with candy flavors adults would like, grown-up candies! Chocolates led to lollipops and the rest is history. 

​Thank you so much for stopping in and checking us out. Mateo and I are eternally grateful for the love and support we've received. 



The Grown Candy Company...for those times when you need an extra sultry sweet escape...

We live in a society that's constantly on the go. Everyone is hustling overtime to be the best version of themselves. But every once in awhile, we want nothing more than to relax, unwind and escape from our adulthood grind. With LUA candy, you can do just that...

Adult candy that brings your inner youth to life. Whether you're enjoying our cocktail lollies during girl's night, or sipping on your favorite glass of wine while snacking on our chocolate, you'll get that much needed time away from your everyday.